If you plan on throwing a party in the near future to celebrate a life event or a new work promotion, we warmly invite you to get in touch with us. Our sports bar and grill is an excellent location where you can enjoy tasty meals, watch a game on our TVs and 100" projection screens, and enjoy our beer on tap selection! Make your reservations today and let us take care of the menu for you – or use our catering service and make your pick out of our wide selections of delicious dishes.

Planning a party however is much more than finding the ideal catering service. Safety should come first, for both you and your guests. Here are a few party safety tips and advice you should put into practice next time you want to plan a fun event with guests.

What To Do Before Your Party

  • Make sure to use the Party Safe Registration Form and register your party at the local police station. Do it at least two weeks prior to the event so you can receive all the Party Safe wristbands in time for the party.

  • If you want to prevent strangers from crashing your party, you will need to make invitations and solely allow access based on them.

  • If you plan on throwing a home party, ensure your place is properly secured against potential threats such as intruders or home fires. Check your fire and smoke alarm batteries and the wiring and the backup batteries on your home alarm. All of the locks on the doors and windows need to be in pristine shape. Thieves might take advantage of the loud music and party background noise and break into a back door or a window and make their way in without anyone noticing.

  • If you have already talked to a Nationwide locksmith with the latest car locksmith tools and you are satisfied with their work, you can also ask them to take care of your home locks for you. You should also reinforce the locks on your garage and check your vehicle locks. During the party, a burglar could easily take advantage of the hassle and break into a garage to steal your car or break into it and grab anything of value.

  • You will also need to lock all your valuables away to prevent them from being stolen, damaged, or broken during the party. This includes laptops, cameras, smartphones, and purses.

  • Have proper lighting for the party venue; get rid of dark and hidden areas by installing powerful sensor lights.

  • You should also inform your neighbors about your party so there will be no issues with the noise or parking situation.

  • Have emergency numbers ready; you never know when you might need to call the nearest hospital, fire station, or emergency locksmith.

  • Have a first aid kit that is well stocked nearby.

  • See what your insurance policy can cover by checking the liability clauses, with special emphasis on personal injury and property damage.

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