Not-To-Miss Foods At Most Luxury Vegas Restaurants

For many people going out for a restaurant, meal is an exceptional occasion to share with friends or family. Actually, certain restaurants are clearly too expensive for average customers, that’s why when it happens to go to luxury restaurants it’s always a great thing.

Not Only Slot Machines And 5-Star Hotels

If you have the opportunity to visit Las Vegas, Nevada, you will notice dozens and dozens of elegant and refined restaurants, often all in a row on the popular Strip. All those restaurants are not only a major reason to visit Las Vegas, but they do also represent the most renamed and worldwide reason to try most unique foods and beverages.

Curious to see what you might find in a Vegas casino restaurant? Well, the following dishes are only a small example of not-to-miss foods in Vegas:lobster pot pie

  • Foie gras custard brulée – the best way to start a meal, with apricot chutney, toasted cocoa nibs, and salted brioche
  • Tuna tartare BLT steak – this is a Vegas version of a popular tuna-based appetizer staple
  • Lobster pot pie – a very typical Vegas lobster dish to try in most luxury casino restaurants
  • Grande meatball – a unique Italian meat-based dish with homemade marinara sauce and fresh ricotta cheese
  • Tomahawk steak – this dish is made with antelope, venison and boar meat all on one plate

And along with these absolutely original and tasty dishes, you can find an attentively selected range of superb wines, some of them produced in south France, Spain and Italy.

Excellent Foods… Yet Too Expensive!

We do understand that almost all types of foods and beverages in Las Vegas imply very high prices. Quality does cost a price – that’s a universal truth.

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